RemotePixel Viewer

A simple and fast Landsat-8 and CBERS-4 data viewer powered by AWS Lambda


  • Click on the blue tile of your choice
  • Select the image you want to display on bottom list
  • Change the band combination and the histogram cut on the option pane (top left)

Map Tiles

Tile served are TOA (Top Of Atmosphere) corrected and rescaled to 0->255 rgb values. Each tile is a direct response of ONE AWS Lambda function.

Landsat True Color RGB (4,3,2) is panshaperpenned and serverd at 15m resolution.


Images previews are from Landsat and CBERS AWS Public Dataset.

This project is powered by Mapbox-GL API and the awesome vector tile technology develloped by Mapbox.

Want more info about AWS Lambda for raster tile serving, continue reading: Blog post on

Public dataset on AWS

Landsat-8 data available on AWS are in Level 1T:

Standard Terrain Correction (Level 1T) - provides systematic radiometric and geometric accuracy by incorporating ground control points while employing a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for topographic accuracy. Geodetic accuracy of the product depends on the accuracy of the ground control points and the resolution of the DEM used: Ground control points used for Level 1T correction are derived from the GLS2000 data set. DEM sources include SRTM, NED, CDED, DTED, GTOPO 30, and GIMP.



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Version: 2.0
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